Founder, Vicky, with GIRLS CLUB inspiration: Charlotte

Founder, Vicky, with GIRLS CLUB inspiration: Charlotte

Just a mom with a wish

As a mom of a (then) 5-year-old autistic girl, I noticed the gender imbalance in the groups my daughter participates in.  It crushed me to think that Charlotte would go through her childhood with no (or few) opportunities to make girlfriends.

My girlfriends, the women in my circle, have enriched my life in immeasurable ways. They have inspired me, lifted me up when I needed it, laughed with me, cried with me.

I wish the same for my daughter.

From wish to idea

The idea for GIRLS CLUB sparked with a simple wish: a dream of seeing my daughter play with other girls, and eventually form friendships with these girls.

An idea grows

My idea takes root – how can I make this wish come true? What does this look like?

As I read more and more about the experiences of autistic women reflecting on what it was like to be an autistic girl, I realized how important it is for Charlotte to find and spend time with girls (and women) who share her neurology and her experience in the world. I want her to find her circle, like I have mine.

Everyone wants to feel like they belong – to have a group, a club, a squad, a posse, a tribe, some homegirls, some besties, some BFFs…  a circle that is just theirs. Girls Club is that.

A wish fulfilled

In a bold move, I reached out to make GIRLS CLUB a reality. With the support of the wonderful folks at the
Pacific Autism Family Hub, I was able to secure a location, and make GIRLS CLUB a dream come true.


Our timeline... from wish to reality!

  • Dec 2016: Just a wish

  • Jan 2017: An idea forms

  • Feb 2017: 1st GIRLS CLUB email / brochure

  • Mar 2017: 1st GIRLS CLUB membership form

  • Apr 2017: 1st GIRLS CLUB event

  • May 2017: 2nd chapter announced (Okanagan)

  • Aug 2017: Okanagan launch

  • Q2 2018: One year anniversary parties

  • Sep 2018: 3rd chapter opens (Northern BC)

  • Feb 2019: 4th chapter opens (North Peace)

  • March 2019: 5th chapter opens (Thompson Valley)

  • Beyond: There is no stopping our girls: fun awaits!