MISSION: To celebrate and connect girls with neuro/developmental differences.  
VISION: A world where neurological/developmental differences are not a barrier to friendship, connection, happiness, and self-worth.

GIRLS CLUB envisions a world where girls with neurological/developmental differences feel celebrated, included and connected – where they make and enjoy friends.


The purpose of girls club is to provide:

  • Community, connection, friendship and fun

  • Parents of girls a chance to connect

    + MOSTLY: to give our girls a chance to be themselves, and to see themselves in others… to form meaningful connections with girls who feel like them, are like-minded, and share a similar experience of the world. It's a place to feel like you BELONG, and are not in any way "the other."



We believe:

  • All people wish to connect and form meaningful relationships with others

  • Providing on-going opportunities for kids/teens who might otherwise find it more challenging to make friends is one way (a great way!) to help foster these relationships

  • Labels cannot encapsulate all that someone is
    (the only labels at GIRLS CLUB are the name tags!)

  • Everyone wants to feel like they belong – to have a group, a club, a squad, a posse, a tribe, some homegirls, some besties, some BFFs… a circle that is just theirs.
    Girls Club is that.

Guiding Principles

our guiding principles are: inclusivity, friendship & Fun

No barriers to membership:
 -  Girls of all ages and abilities
    (regardless of required supports or level of independence) 
 -  No membership or drop-in fees
    (outings with associated costs will be pay-per-use)

Genuine relationships improves the quality of life for all parties

Girls Club is about fun and frivolity!
It is not therapy; it is a place to relax and have fun
(If you find that therapeutic, that is wonderful)

Our Future:


  • Extended events for peer groups:
    Wee Sisters, Younger Sisters, Middle Sisters, Older Sisters

  • More localized chapters across BC, Canada, and the world

There is no limit to what our GIRLS can do! 

Want to know about GIRLS CLUB?
Listen to our interview here: