Founder, Vicky, with GIRLS CLUB inspiration: Charlotte

GIRLS of North Peace

Our North Peace chapter will launch in January 2019. If you live in the area, we want you to come and hang out with us! 

Spearheaded by GIRLS CLUB Chapter Director, Jaandi,  the North Peace chapter of GIRLS CLUB embraces all that GIRLS CLUB holds dear: friendship, fun, frivolity... inclusiveness, connection and community!  

Do you live in North Peace BC?

Contact us at: to find out more exciting details!

Meet Jaandi!

Hey everybody! Thank you for the warm welcome into GIRLS CLUB. 
I’m very excited to be starting the very first chapter in the North Peace. Being an oil wife and mom of two children with neurological disorders, life can be crazy-busy and I’ve experienced everything that other families with children with disabilities experience as well. The judging, criticism, scepticism and loneliness. 

I started a nonprofit myself: an indoor playground that is all-inclusive… and being a part of the amazing GIRLS CLUB just seem like the next fitting piece of my puzzle. 

I’m so excited to be able to start a club that supports families and children, and gives them a place to call their own: a place that is warm, comfortable, exciting and fun! Somewhere that families can be themselves and not worry what the outside world might be thinking at that moment.

The North Peace chapter is going to be very diverse in its programs and provide a very “family-like” community experience.

I’m looking forward to meeting all our new families in January!


There is much more to our story!  
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