We get together to participate in a
wide range of activities,
indoors and out.

For indoor events, we sometimes:

Outdoors, we sometimes:

  • Just hang out, eat pizza, and watch movies
  • Listen to music, dance around, and be silly
  • Do yoga, stretch and move our bodies
  • Have theme parties: Disney, Sesame St, Lego and more
  • Participate in activities like: arts & crafts, games,
    puzzles, cake/cookie decorating
  • Go on nature walks or to the beach
  • Go swimming or biking
  • Play at the playground
  • Champion environmental causes
  • Take adventures
  • Play sports or practice yoga
  • Go on field trips
    (farms, bird sanctuaries, destinations, etc)


parties, movies, games...


walks, playgrounds, beaches...

Field Trips

outings, visits, adventures... 



If you don't see anything on our list of activities that you enjoy, email us and let us know... We're always looking for great ideas!